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Autism Organisations in NL

  • AutismecafeAutismecafé
    Autismecafé is an initiative for parents and family members of children with autistic disorders.  In a relaxed atmosphere, you can meet others, receive information, ask questions and obtain assistance in finding help. At the moment Autismecafé organises parents evenings in Alphen aan den Rijn, Leiden and Den Haag.  (in Dutch)
  • Rivierduinen Centrum Autisme - Rivierduinen
    Specialised psychodiagnostics and treatment centre in the field of autism, based in the Randstad area of the Netherlands. Centrum Autisme provides clinical interventions and support for children, youth and adults with autistic spectrum disorders, their parents, partners and family members. Clinical interventions are comprised of specialised psychodiagnostics, individualised evidence-based treatment and consultancy services. In addition, Centrum Autisme provides an important nationwide contribution to the development of new treatment modules and practice-oriented research and provides external training programs and courses to health-care professionals. (in Dutch)
  • ChildCenterChildCenter
    The ChildCenter is a non-profit foundation which provides treatment and support to children on the autistic spectrum. Based in Amsterdam, the ChildCenter relies on a team of experts from a variety of disciplines (a.o. educational psychology, ergotherapy, speech and language therapy, sensory integration and physical therapy, play therapy, clinical psychology, music therapy) whose treatment approach is based on a method developed by Stanley Greenspan, an American child psychiatrist.  (in Dutch/English)
  • Inter-ActingInter-Acting
    Non-profit theater project organized in Amsterdam, for young people (12-16 years) in the Autism Spectrum. Aims to improve social awareness and emotional expression through drama playing and improvisation.
  • LNA - Landelijk Netwerk Autisme
    The LNA (National Autism Network) promotes the practice of modified education methods and effective support for autistic pupils in regular and special elementary education, secondary education and occupational education through the enhancement of expertise and the exchange of information and experience. (in Dutch and English)

  • MEEMEE Vakantiewijzer
    This holiday guide by MEE gives you an idea of the opportunities for people with disabilities to go on vacation. The list is not complete, but it may help to find out more information. (in Dutch)
  • NVANVA - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Autisme
    The NVA is the Dutch Autism Assocation for people with Autism conditions, their parents and helpers. (in Dutch)
  • PAS - Personen uit het Autisme Spectrum
    Organisation for adults with (high-functioning) Autism. The objectives of PAS are: advocacy, information, expertise, peer support and promote communication between autistic and between autistic and non-autistic people. (in Dutch)
  • SportKeuzeAdvies
    Organisation helping to chose the right sport for ASD kids (Arnhem area). (in Dutch)
  • Zorg la Fleur Zorg la Fleur - Autisme Almere
    Organisation in Almere (Flevoland, The Netherlands) that provides treatment and support for children and adults (and their parents/partners) on the autistic spectrum. They also organize daytrips, holdidays and guidance with daily work.  (in Dutch)

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Special Needs Organisations in NL

  • BalansBalans
    Netherlands-wide support organisation for parents of children with conditions such as ADHD, ADD, Asperger, Dyslexia, PDD-NOS and other. (in Dutch)
  • Kentalis
    KentalisPublic organisation that aims at supporting children, youngsters, and adults who are hard of hearing, deaf, deaf-and-blind, visually impaired, those who are developmentally delayed in the field of speech and language, as well as those who are autistic or mentally disabled and in addition have difficulties with speech or language. Anyone confronted with barriers to communication is entitled to support from Kentalis in the form of diagnostics, care and education. (in Dutch and English)
    MEE is an organisation with specialists who can help answer questions on matters related to education, upbringing, housing, employment, social facilities, income, transport and leisure-time activities for anyone with a handicap, functional disability or chronic illness. This organisation is funded by the Dutch government and its services are available free of charge. The website is exclusively in Dutch, but MEE provides a brochure with general information in English (PDF document).
    Telephone: 0900 999 8888
  • Start Foundation
    Start Foundation creates, preserves and makes jobs accessible for disadvantaged persons who have no or limited access to the labor market in the Netherlands. (in Dutch and English)

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Parent Support Groups in NL

  • ADHD Support GroupADHD Support Group
    Everyone is welcome to come along to our group if you have a child with ADD/ADHD or think that your child may have ADD/ADHD or just want to find out more information. Please join our relaxed, friendly group of international parents.
  • CHIRP Amsterdam - the Netherlands International Autism Family Network
    Play/support group for parents who have children with neurobiological disorders such as sensory issues, autism, aspergers, ADHD, epilepsy and other pervasive developmental disorders that are related to the Autism Spectrum etc.
    Visit the Facebook page.
  • Children with Special Needs
    Can offer ideas to parents wondering where to place their special-needs child for schooling in the Dutch or international systems.
    For more information contact Jim or Norma:
    tel: 071 36 25 835
  • DYlsexia Parent Support GroupDyslexia Parent Support Group
    A friendly, internationally represented group for parent with dyslexic children. We meet monthly during term time either for an informal coffee morning or a chance to listen to a guest speaker with a specialist interest in dyslexia. A great way to meet other parents and to find out what services are available in your local area.
  • First Friends Playgroup
    First Friends International Parent & Toddler Group meets every Wednesday morning during term time in Voorhout, from 9.30am to 11.30am. Parents of any nationality together with their babies/toddlers aged 0-4 and who enjoy speaking English are warmly welcome!
    address: De Spelewey, Breughelhof 8, 2215 AB, Voorhout
  • Special Needs Families in the Netherlands
    This Facebook group is open to all families in the Netherlands who have children with special needs, particularly expat and immigrant families.
    Visit the Facebook page

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PGB - Persoonsgebonden Budget

  • Frequently Asked Questions over PGB by the Rijksoverheid (Government) website (in Dutch)
  • SVBSVB - Sociale Verzekeringsbank
    The Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) implements national insurance schemes in the Netherlands.
    Through its Dienstverlening PGB (PGB service center) the SVB administers the budget and pays the care providers on behalf of people with a PGB.
    SVB - Dienstverlening PGB (in Dutch) (in Dutch)
  • Per SaldoPer Saldo
    Per Saldo is the Netherlands association of people who organise their care with a PGB (personal budget). Per Saldo publishes booklets, leaflets and other publications on a whole range of matters relating to PGB, organises discussion forums on the Internet, arranges information meetings throughout the country and holds courses on PGB for budget holders and service providers. (in Dutch and English)
  • Jeugdzorg Nederland
    This site provides general information about child and youth welfare in the Netherlands. (in Dutch)
    MEE offers information, advice and support for anyone with a disability. MEE can assist you with the paperwork involved in applying with the PGB (in Dutch)
  • CIZ (Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg)
    This organization helps people to find if they are entitled to get cares under the Wlz - Wet langdurige zorg (Long-term Care Law) (in Dutch)
  • Team050
    Student organization, based in Groningen, that offers tutoring for children and young people with a PGB at school, at home and in sport associations. Tutors are mostly students attending relevant training, such as psychology or educational sciences. (in Dutch)
  • InzowijsInzowijs
    Organization that provides counseling/tutoring to children, adolescents and young adults with a psychiatric disorder, a mental and/or physical disability, giving students in Psychology/Pedagogy/Social Services the opportunity to gain practical experience through a study-related part-time job. (in Dutch)
  • List of PGB-related websites (in Dutch)

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  • Ark StichtingArk Stichting
    Small day centre offering specialised education for children with autism and other developmental challenges. Located in Amsterdam.
  • ASHASH - American School of The Hague
    Learning Support for students with mild/moderate disabilities. Beginning in August 2013 a Middle Years Special Education program (PDF document) for students with intellectual and cognitive disabilities.
  • The English Center
    English language center, offering support/tuition to Dyslexic students, Speech therapy and Communication therapy to children and adults, in English. Based in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.
  • handicap + studieHandicap + studie
    Dutch expert centre for studying with disabilities. It promotes the participation of students with disabilities in higher education. The mission of handicap + studie is to allow students with a handicap to successfully participate in the higher education of their choice. (in Dutch and English)
  • Home in Leiden
    An overview over Special Education in the Netherlands written by an American mother of a special needs child. Lots of information over the Netherlands and living in the Leiden area.
  • Inclusion4allInclusion4all
    Educational consultancy service based in The Hague area and serving the international community (parents and professionals), helping schools to review their philosophy of inclusion, examine their practices and improve their knowledge and skills in meeting the needs of students with additional needs in their classrooms.

  • Lighthouse Special EducationLighthouse Special Education
    International primary school, located in The Hague. It offers a special educational programme conducted in English to students (3-13 years old) of the international community in the Netherlands. (in English)
  • LNA - Landelijk Netwerk Autisme
    The LNA (National Autism Network) promotes the practice of modified education methods and effective support for autistic pupils in regular and special elementary education, secondary education and occupational education through the enhancement of expertise and the exchange of information and experience. (in Dutch and English)
  • Angloinfo NetherlandsAngloinfo Netherlands: Special Education
    Information in English about the provisions for children with special needs in the Netherlands. (in English)
  • Ouders & OnderwijsOuders & Onderwijs
    Information point for parents over education in NL. (in Dutch)
  • Passend Onderwijs (Appropriate Education Act)
    Appropriate Education Act (August 2014): new educational system in The Netherlands:

    Rijksoverheid (Government of the Netherlands)
    Passend Onderwijs (in Dutch)
    Appropriate education at primary school (in English)

    Nederlands JeugdinstituutNederlands Jeugdinstituut (Netherlands Youth Institute)
    Children and Youth Support and Care in The Netherlands: the new Dutch youth care system and the reasons why these changes were necessary (in English)
    Inclusive Education: a Suitable Learning Place for Every Dutch Child: the Dutch government’s plans regarding inclusive education up to February 2013 (in English)
  • SIO - Stichting Internationaal Onderwijs
    List of all international schools and international departments of Dutch schools in the Netherlands, by the Foundation for International Education in the Netherlands.
  • Yulius AcademieYulius Academie
    Scientific knowledge centre within Yulius, an organisation with expertise in mental health care (Rotterdam area) (in Dutch/English)

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  • International Therapist Directory - Nederland
    List of international therapists who have a practice in the Netherlands.
    You can find all English speaking psychotherapists, psychologists and coaches here. These therapists have enough knowledge of the English language to be able to give psychotherapy sessions in English.

  • Ergotherapie Nederland Ergotherapie Nederland
    National association for ergotherapists. Under “Cliënten”, click on “ Zoek een ergotherapeut”. Type the post code or the name of the city where you live and you will get a list of occupational therapists in your area. We recommend you check that they are familiar with sensory integration dysfunction (sensorische integratie) and that they are working with children.
  • NSSI - Nederlandse Stichting voor Sensorische Informatieverwerking
    National association for Sensory Information Process. Click on "Therapeuten lijst" for a complete list of professionals in your region.

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Tools & Resources

  • AutThere appAutThere mobile app
    AutThere is a social app for young people with autism, making easier finding persons with the same interests, exchanging ideas and organizing activities. (in Dutch)
  • Picto-SelectorPicto-Selector
    Free Windows application for creating visual schedules. The download contains over 28000 pictos (images) translated to English, Dutch, German, French, Danish, Spanish, Brazilian and Italian.
  • SPARK®
    SPARK stands for Speech Practice for Autistic and other Remarkable Kids. SPARK is a practical tool, built using PowerPoint®, that works with the strengths common in many people who have autism: visualisation, strong memory and an affinity for computers. The PowerPoint® shows images with questions and answers linked to them and provides a generalised, visual pool of language with which to practice. Free to download.
  • ZAC Browser
    Zac Browser is a totally free software package. It is the first Internet browser developed specifically for children living with variants of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, PDD not otherwise specified and PDD-NOS.

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  • 101 Noteworthy Sites on Asperger's & the Autism Spectrum
    Fun and informative list of sites, covering Autism news, organizations, along with personal and professional blogs. By Lauren Collier.
  • Autisme BooGOlinks
    Autism links collected together by BooGO.
  • Autisme Centraal
    Professional organisation based in Belgium which supports professionals working with children with autism.  Provides practical and theoretical training in autism, publishes books on Autism and runs a consultation centre where individuals or schools can seek help.
    (in Vlaams)
  • Autism Society of America
    Autism organisation that provides plenty of information and referral regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy in the USA.

  • BBC Radio 4 Programme "You and Yours"
    A month-long BBC series of programmes and features with focus on Autism (October 2004).

  • National Autistic Society
    Extensive information about Autism, Asperger syndrome and related disorders, and about the support and services available in the UK.  Includes publications and document archive, and links to personal websites.
  • Temple Grandin
    Temple Grandin is the most accomplished and well-known adult with Autism in the world. She has become a prominent author and speaker on the subject of Autism because "I have read enough to know that there are still many parents, and yes, professionals too, who believe that once autistic, always autistic."
  • Wendy Lawson
    Wendy Lawson has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is a qualified Social Worker and Adult Educator who now operates her own business. She currently works as a trainee psychologist. Wendy wrote several books - the two most famous being  'Life Behind Glass' and 'Understanding and Working with the Spectrum of Autism. An Insider's View' - in which she explores her experience of life as a person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and explains more of the way people with ASD think and react to the world.

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